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@FIVE__YARDS @ChelseaFC Son Andreas Prison is almost full

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 6 days ago

@TucheIBall @ChelseaFC we take those

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@chelsea_edit @ChelseaFC Hopefully he gets the start next week

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 6 days ago

@ChelseaFC Awful performance. Brilliant result. 💙💪🏼

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 6 days ago

@ChelseaFC Andreas Christensen vs Porto (Chelsea Rank)

Clearances | 6 (1st)
Accurate Passes 74 (1st)
Touches | 86 (1st)
Aerial Duels Won | 5 (1st)
Pass Accuracy | 95% (1st)

Continues to perform under Tuchel. 🔥

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 6 days ago

@ChelseaFC LUCKIEST most UNDESERVING win in Champions League history but that doesn't matter because PORTO are STILL going through in the 2nd leg. Bookmark this.

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@ChelseaFC Yesaaa

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 6 days ago

@ChelseaFC MY CLUB ! GET IN 🤩🤩🤩🤩

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@ChelseaFC N'Golo Kanté tonight showed how to change the dynamics of a game in a matter of 10 minutes.

Absolute Gargantuan Player.


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It’s nice seeing Davis cook and take care of Charley. He’s being a great sounding board for her as well. Nice to see them reminisce without the bitterness. #QueenSugar @OWNTV @OWNAmbassadors

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Aunt Vi gotta let it go. Its not really #AuntVi decision to make anyway.

Besides, telling RA about the kid who regrets not going to Louisiana state & now at a management training program at the supermarket didn't help the case #IJS


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The Chadwick moment #QueenSugar

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Aunt Vi needs some business #QueenSugar

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Ralph Angel and Darla rightfully want what’s best for Blue, so I get letting him go to D.C. I still think they can wait until Blue is high school age and try to get him into that private school Charley wanted Micah to go to in New Orleans. #QueenSugar

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This is such a huge decision for Blue. Wow man #QueenSugar

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So, we can expect Nova and Calvin‘s relationship to shatter to pieces like their picture. Foreshadowing at its finest and now I’m nervous about the finale... #QueenSugar

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Charley trying to pretend she not sick on the zoom chat #QueenSugar

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