📈 #OnThisDay in 2001, @LUFC moved up to third in the #PL with a 2-0 victory 📈

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@mattystockton79 Profile picture Matthew


 5 days ago

@IcymediaHq @premierleague @LUFC Your media influence here is huge . Well done .

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@Kelzoh11 Profile picture Kelzoh


 6 days ago

@ChrisMcVeigh2 @premierleague @LUFC Unreal team. The following 19 years were a bit shit

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@Billywlufc Profile picture Billy Walton


 6 days ago

@SteLibers @premierleague @LUFC Class mate. Like a young Bill on cardinal square

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@premierleague @LUFC Attacking the Kop in the first half, unacceptable

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@premierleague @LUFC @Billywlufc seen that save about a minute in

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@IcymediaHq Profile picture icymediaHQ


 6 days ago

@premierleague @LUFC We don’t care 🤷‍♀️

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@FPL_Vibudh Profile picture FPL Memes


 6 days ago
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@tim_triton Profile picture Lovrem


 6 days ago

@CFCflame @premierleague @LUFC Living rent free in your head

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@premierleague @LUFC Great Game

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@premierleague @LUFC Where’s Penandes ?

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Hi #PortfolioDay ! Better late than never. I'm Ailed and I'm currently a freelance animator who also designs characters and writes. I'll be looking for work in the summer!


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#PortfolioDay Quiero aprovechar este día para darme a conocer, soy un joven venezolano principiante en el mundo del arte! Dibujo desde mi celular y espero les guste mi arte ✨

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✨ Bit late on this but I really didn't know about #PortfolioDay
Hi I'm Blue/Bluefire and I love Video Games, Ocs, Robots and Dragons! I'm currently trying my best too get better at Art and Character Design and I hope you like my stuff! 💜

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Happy #PortfolioDay from the GLOAT;
Based in Buffalo, NY

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I run a print shop and make set dec pieces and props for the film industry.
We use various printing methods, in conjunction with a digital cutter, cnc and engraver.

DM me with inquiries or questions!!

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I'm a character modeler for games who loves to draw creatures😈

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