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 3 weeks ago

📅 FIFA President Gianni Infantino on the international match calendar:

🗣️ “We need to find the right balance for the future of football all over the world. We need to take on all ideas, and the new FIFA is an open place to have this debate, to find the best possible solution.”

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 3 weeks ago

@FIFAcom @Oficial_RC3 Dont be worry as soon as I ll be in Australia the football situation will be in better shape bye ❤🇭🇲⚽️👰💜bye

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@FIFAcom @Footballmatics A 2years interval of FIFAWorldCup competition is new idea and not bad. Stronger Leagues will benefit more from this than others. While expansion of Winning Family maybe difficult. Host Countries will benefit much more in terms of infrastructure and tourism etc

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 3 weeks ago

@FIFAcom ممكن تستثني رياضتنا في السعودية ماراح نقدر نقدم أفكار لأننا مشغولين عن ابتكار الأفكار بترميم الفريق المتهالك المعروف بنادي الفقر @AlNassrFC

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 3 weeks ago

@FIFAcom Fifa = corruption

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@FIFAcom few months ago, its successful administration was dissolved in a very strong violation against laws.
We are in a country where all institutions work for only one club that has been known for its financial, arbitration and moral corruption throughout its life

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@FIFAcom For many years, the Egyptian club Zamalek for Sports Games has been directly involved in the dissolution of its administrations in violation of the laws of the International Federation of Football Association, and the title of Club of the Century was stolen from it...

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Clash of the Brothers Pearson! After a gut-wrenching day spent inside and out of Randall's home, can life return to normal for the Big 3?

Check out our #Podcast with @paulvdaley and @tweet2Caroline! @NBC @NBCThisIsUs #ThisIsUs

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Kevin was always jealous of Randall/envious of how smart he was and the attention Rebecca and Jack gave him. That could be any normal sibling rivalry, but to add the layer of an adopted bro of a different race is bigger. Glad he admitted his struggle with it finally. #ThisIsUs

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Are we ever going to talk about how Miguel ended up with the mom? #ThisIsUs

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Randall. Is. Exhausting. #thisisus

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@SterlingKBrown is simply the finest actor ever to appear in a weekly series And @justinhartley is right up there with him. Tonight's show was brilliant. #ThisIsUs

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Only 3 episodes left of #ThisIsUs😳😢 #nbc

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How is it that each episode of #ThisIsUs is so special. I think this is my favorite episode so far. The relationship of Kevin and Randall is so complex but so much love. Thank you @Dan_Fogelman @SterlingKBrown @justinhartley @ThisIsUsWriters @ThisIsUsFanCrew

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