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 4 days ago

Quoted @NatGeo

Humans could make it to Mars one day, but for now, our AR experience may be as close as you can get. See the red planet through @NASAPersevere's eyes:

Out of this world 🤩

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@instagram Out of this world you haven’t answered, I’d like to appeal to get my account back come on it’s been two weeks

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 4 days ago

@megandwriter @instagram I’ll recommend you message @hackrobert1 on instagram he’ll help you

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@instagram My account is @ tsunamisoulshop I am a SMALL BUSINESS. i deserve a chance to get my account restore. I haven’t been able to pay bills for the last 7 months please someone help me get it back. I don’t have money to pay my bills. My Instagram was for my shop only way I got orders

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 4 days ago

@instagram No thanks. I need to see Carol with a K get eliminated this evening.

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@instagram Oooooh I'd share on my @megandoesnola Instagram, but y'all still haven't restored my account after disabling it suddenly. I've emailed, filled out forms, all that.

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 4 days ago

@instagram Could u please fix my accounts

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 4 days ago

@instagram I thought that was Pete Davidson, lol.

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 4 days ago

@instagram Répare les story stp

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If my girl don't give me none after this she single in the morning😂 #Verzuz

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Another Target shoutout? Are they a sponsor? #Verzuz

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i can tell they’re looking at usssssss #verzuz

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I want an Anthony Hamilton vs. Friends #Verzuz same type of setup & everything

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Sangggggggg!!!!!! Whew lordt!! #verzuz

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“You’re my la...” #Verzuz

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Watching D’Angelo on Instagram. He started off with the hits!! I got every CD!! #Verzuz

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i can tell they're looking at ussss #Verzuz

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