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 5 days ago

A grand jury has voted not to indict any officers in the death of Daniel Prude, a Black man who died after police pinned him to the ground in March 2020, New York Attorney General Leticia James said

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 5 days ago

@marcobertollini @CNN Dismantle the police?

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@nordicoirlanda @CNN "Heading"??

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@CNN You Americans are heading straight for a race war over there I am am afraid to tell you.

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@CNN Yet another murderer with a badge gets to walk. Big surprise

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@CNN Is is another case of #JusticeDenied? #BlackLivesMatter ... Feeling for the family of the bereaved.

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@CNN Shocker.

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 5 days ago

@CNN They never learn. They should be dismantled.

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 5 days ago

@CNN Not good.

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 5 days ago

@CNN Of course not. Smh.

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@CNN im never the first one why?

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 5 days ago

@CNN Made $15k with $HEPA last Friday, so I’m giving away $100 to anyone who follows and retweets, first 20 DM’s

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Republicans like to refer back to Lincoln

...to show what backbone & character they have...

I say if you have to go back 150 years to find backbone & character...

it should tell you something.

#FBR #GOPMassMurderers #ByeHyatt #SupportHyatt RINOs #CPAC #CPACNazis #CPAC2021

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The #Trump supporters are the modern #Nazi party #CPAC2021

Congratulations- with people like them in charge they would have welcomed #Hitler into New York Harbor #Authoritarian #worship

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Trumpism is a cult, not a political movement. #CPAC2021

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Things I'm not doing...watching Trump's #CPAC2021 speech.

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There is baseball on Bill. #Trump is America’s past. I’m watching America’s Pastime. #Athletics #CPAC2021

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@seanhannity CPAC is all the proof one needs to know Nazism is alive and well in America.

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@BrendonLeslie The quote is Inspired by “The Gladiator” but the fight in me is G_d given and fueled by THE PEOPLE!!!


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