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 1 week ago

BREAKING: No charges against Rochester police officers in the death of Daniel Prude.
A grand jury did not bring an indictment against the officers, who had placed a hood over the head of Prude, a Black man, until he lost consciousness.
By @SarahMaslinNir

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 1 week ago

@cliffordlevy @nytimes @SarahMaslinNir time and time again there’s no accountability for police officers, no check on their obvious misuse of power. disgusting

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 1 week ago

@cliffordlevy @nytimes @SarahMaslinNir Running around naked high on PCP is consistent with being under excited delirium. Patients experiencing the delirium almost always overheat. If the high temperature is not addressed promptly leads to death. The usage of PCP is a huge risk factor.

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@cliffordlevy @nytimes @SarahMaslinNir Always remember: Blue Lives Matter Most

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@cliffordlevy @nytimes @SarahMaslinNir This is so F---ing wrong.

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@cliffordlevy @nytimes @SarahMaslinNir Unbelievable! The police investigating the police. So convenient.

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@cliffordlevy @nytimes @SarahMaslinNir Very few can clean such dirty things
As was alluded to earlier


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Zumba done for the day and just want to remind you that if you're planning a post covid conference for women, get a dj because women love to dance - no booze, no men, just music and dancing with women 💃🏼
#zumbanation #dancesisterhood #InternationalWomensDay

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Tout d’abord nous souhaitons à toutes les femmes du monde , nos mères, sœurs, amies et Amours(😏) , une bonne fête en cette journée du 8 mars ❤️ #InternationalWomensDay qu’Allah vous préserve ❤️

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#DiaInternacionalDeLaMujer     #FelizDiaDeLaMujer #8M2021     #Diadelamujer    #MujeresConAMLO 🇲🇽🏳️‍🌈❤️ #EsUnHonorEstarConObrador #AMLOmasFuertequeNunca #RedAMLO #FelizLunes #InternationalWomensDay #8demarzo 💚💜


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FYI: #InternationalWomensDay was started by socialist and labor movements.

For every person who still can’t separate totalitarian regimes from “socialism” here’s a reminder that the movement started to protect workers and expanded suffrage across Europe.

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Details of “I Am Woman ”, 5x7 inches, mixed media. For Sale: $35+$3 US shipping. DM to purchase.

”I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy is a song that is timeless and inspiring.

#samlynnstudio #painting #internationalwomensday #abstractpainting #mixedmedia #iamwoman

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"Women belong in all the places decisions are being made." -- RBG
Have I said how much I love my colleagues at @kstatejmc? These two women are an inspiration. 👏 @DaniLaGree @ADProfKatie #InternationalWomensDay

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