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 5 days ago

A 30-year-old Northern California man undergoing a mental health episode died days after police officers kneeled on the back of his neck for nearly five minutes to subdue him, lawyers for his family say

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 5 days ago

@CharlieTouseull @CNN That is actually backwards

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 5 days ago

@PaulMiller1313 @CNN No consequences. Why bother changing? They don't care

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 5 days ago

@Pats5X712 @CNN Naive to think there would be.

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@destekicinactm @CNN But everybody says that Turkish people feel very weel. And France is a nasty country...
I hope for you that you'll be free soon.

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@CNN It becomes clearer every day that USA law enforcement is at war with its citizens.

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@CNN My God! That's horrible! When will they ever learn?

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@CNN Did he have any fentanyl in his system?

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@CNN We afraid for our health and our family health...Someone has to hear us. Someone has to help us. Some students started committing suicide.. Please support the Turkish Students... #TurkishStudentsLivesMatter

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 5 days ago

@CNN There better be the same uproar over this

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Yuka and Ryo showing out with this match!!! #AEWWomensTournament

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This match has some great near falls #AEWWomensTournament #AEW

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Ryo Mizunami is awesome #AEWWomensTournament

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