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 5 days ago

The upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference — where fmr. President Trump will make his first speech since leaving the White House — booted a hip-hop artist and right-wing social media figure, who was scheduled to appear, over anti-Semitic tweets

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@CNN He was “ too loud” it seems.

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@CNN Even white people sick of Hoteps

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@CNN All ways ... we need unity ... we need healing ... we need to love one another ... life is too short for hatred. Let’s preach love 💕 this time around. #WeAllArePotentiallyGood

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 5 days ago

@CNN I thought conservatives hated "cancel culture"

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@CNN Isn’t that Young Pharaoh the same guy who built the conspiracy on the Wilder vs Fury fight ? It’s no surprise to me he’s spouting more conspiracies for the conservative base

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 5 days ago
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 5 days ago

@CNN Hrmmm...you'd think that'd be on brand for Trump's GOP.

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 5 days ago

@CNN Made $15k with $HEPA last Friday, so I’m giving away $100 to anyone who follows and retweets, first 20 DM’s

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#Trump2024 is a complete joke. LMAO He acts like all conservatives would switch parties for him.

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I love that #Trump2024 is trending. 😄👍

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#Trump2024 this guy is gonna lose another popular vote

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I didn't watch. I'm guessing that he wore the same blue suit and red tie? #Trump2024 #samesuitdifferentday #SundayShow

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