Humans could make it to Mars one day, but for now, our AR experience may be as close as you can get. See the red planet through @NASAPersevere's eyes:

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 4 days ago

@idea2370 @NatGeo @NASAPersevere Vehicles are referred to as 'She' probably due to the fact that vehicles safely carry lives similar to that of Ladies. Predominant quality of human female - fragility of beauty, yet the immense strength to carry and deliver a life! Vehicles too are built to carry you safe and+++

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo @NASAPersevere So interesting! :)

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@NatGeo @NASAPersevere Why is perseverance "she"? On what basis did you add gender to a non living thing?

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@NatGeo @NASAPersevere The Atacama desert on Earth.

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@NatGeo @NASAPersevere 🧐 This is the Atacama, the Utah or some other Mars-like 🏜️🐪 on Earth.

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo @NASAPersevere Lets hope that we do make it to Mars and colonise it because we WANT to not because we HAVE to.

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 4 days ago

@NatGeo @NASAPersevere Good job Planetary Scientist

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 4 days ago
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@NatGeo @NASAPersevere She's Adorable

Big Brained too

Very cool, love to see it

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@NatGeo @NASAPersevere Looks like Nevada to me

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Experience the red planet through the eyes of @NASApersevere in our latest AR experience on @Instagram! #CountdownToMars

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ICYMI: Journey behind the scenes with @NASA to explore how @NASAPersevere is giving Mars its close-up in #OverheardNatGeo

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“These are days that I’ve waited years for—it almost doesn’t seem real,” says Adam Nelessen of @NASAJPL. “It looks like it’s straight out of a science fiction movie”

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Take a look! 🤩 #CountdownToMars

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Onboard cameras captured pictures and video of the Perseverance rover's successful landing—and the first audio recorded on Mars

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Today at 2pm ET, @NASA is expected to release first-of-its-kind video from @NASAPersevere's Feb. 18 touchdown on Mars #CountdownToMars

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Human interest in Mars is ageless. Take a visual tour through our evolving fascination with the red planet

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Ingenuity, the Mars Helicopter I carry, is working as expected. I’m currently charging it, but once I set it down, it’ll rely solely on its solar panels. If it survives the brutally cold Martian nights, the team will attempt flight. #CountdownToMars

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We ❤️ rocks too!

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I love rocks. Look at these right next to my wheel. Are they volcanic or sedimentary? What story do they tell? Can’t wait to find out.


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Over the coming weeks, as the data are downloaded and processed, NASA will release the sights and sounds of a rover plunging to an alien surface

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Where am I now? Check out this interactive map to zoom in and explore my landing site:

And for the ground level view, my first images are here, with many more to come in the days ahead:

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This 👇We get this question so often, and there are many answers, and I love Emily’s eloquence and compassion here.

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When I get my sliver of twitch clout @sapnap will get verified on Twitter


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#VerifySapnap the boi deserves it 😤😤😤

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Ok so this was trending


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Please don’t #VerifySapnap or the others. Their fan base is bunch of clowns

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