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 5 days ago

Garland was asked to define systemic racism, implicit bias and racism during the first day of his Senate confirmation hearing Monday, and his answers laid out a stark contrast with the last Senate-confirmed attorney general from the Trump administration.

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 5 days ago

@CNN please support this hashtag!Turkish students are struggling with the government #TurkishStudentsLivesMatter

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 5 days ago

@CNN Whether or not Kennedy shares Garland’s philosophy I do think these are fair, deep probing questions to be asked. I felt Garland answered them well.

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 5 days ago

@CNN Garland said absolutely NOTHING about the fact that Barr blocked #ERA from becoming law last year, denying women in America EQUAL protection of the law.

So I guess Garland-like Barr-has no interest in ensuring equal justice for WOMEN-tho he keeps babbling about equal justice!

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 5 days ago

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@CNN So, in other words he didn't pretend they don't exist despite being obviously widespread.

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@CNN He acknowledges the existence of it and will try to help fix it. Amazing

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@rosemontseneca CCP does not respect life. They vaccinate the 40M that they wish to survive and thrive. The others? We created the KungFlu to rid to them. #Trump2024

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No evidence Georgia ‘happened to find’ ballots to hurt Republicans in Senate runoff, as Trump claims #Trump2024

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@JackPosobiec Shepherd PDJ Trump already won !!!!!!!
#Trump2024 ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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#Trump2024 i imagine he'll be paying for one of his many crimes.

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#RINOs #AmericaFirst #Trump2024

No Super Pac will save Princess Adam Kinzinger from getting his ass beaten. The people of #IL16 have spoken and they want him gone! The only people that will vote for him are the dems from his district.

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