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きのうキャプチャーした #シグナス宇宙船 無事にハッチ開けて入室しました!今回の宇宙船はKatherine Johnsonと命名されてます。アメリカの宇宙開発初期を支えた黒人女性で、映画の主人公にもなりました。Welcome #Cygnus !

ICYMI: Astronauts aboard the @Space_Station welcomed the S.S. Katherine Johnson to the orbital lab – a Cygnus cargo spacecraft dedicated to the @NASA_Langley mathematician & "Hidden Figure," whose calculations helped put the 1st American in orbit around Earth. #BlackHistoryMonth

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@MavisCruet8 Its because they're moving around cargo and sensitive experiments. There's no COVID risk, but there may be dust or potentially hazardous or sensitive materials in the experiments.

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@NASA @Space_Station @NASA_Langley Genuine question here: I see the person in the photo is wearing a face mask. Is this because of COVID or is there another reason? What I'm really asking is, can viruses exist, spread & mutate in space? If so, do they do it the same way as on Earth?

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@NASA @Space_Station @NASA_Langley There is a beautiful proverb that I liked:
"If you do not add anything in life, then you are just something extra and unnecessary in life"

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@nasa WIBTA for telling a girl to lose weight we won’t be dating anymore?

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@NASA @Space_Station @NASA_Langley Unite We Stand
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Today, March 2nd is Read Across America Day! What are your favorite books for military children?

#ReadAcrossAmericaDay #militaryfamilies #books #milkids

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Today is National Read Across America Day! This day was created to help encourage reading among children and happens on the birthday of Dr. Seuss. 📚 #ReadAcrossAmericaDay

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@knoxreads @KnoxSchools @ReadCityUSA ⭐️On #ReadAcrossAmericaDay please remember to be inclusive. Too often students with disabilities like #dyslexia or low vision feel left out and ashamed they can not participate. The words “audio books welcome” are simple. Thank you. Enjoy a fun day reading! 📚

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Enjoying #ReadAcrossAmericaDay with the read alouds from the @CobbInTech readers today. Such a treat! #ultimatelearningexperience

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Thank you to our reader today for reading such a funny book. My class enjoyed it very much! #ReadAcrossAmericaDay #AceCubs #1stgrade

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