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Division II Player of the Year🏆

Buchtel junior Chris Livingston averaged 32.0 points, 15.8 rebounds, 5.8 assists, 4.8 steals, and 4.1 blocks per game this season, leading Buchtel to a 14-3 record.

Congratulations to Chris, our D-2 “Player of the Year” for NEO!

Yessir!! Congrats Chris! Keep going 🚀

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@KingJames I went to jail in Bronsexland for defending KD. When I was there I was shocked to find LeFraud himself! The bronsexuals had gone mad and imprisoned their leader. Then officer ADisney saw this and freed him. LeMickey’s legacy saved again! Shame on you LeAC!

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@KingJames Win a real ring

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#pmsbiggamingshow @BaileyMcComas keep crushing on the poddddd billy

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A new gaming chair would look awesome in my home office. I need to get in the zone when watching the #pmsbiggamingshow! @BaileyMcComas

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#pmsbiggamingshow some gaming chairs would def help out some Indy wrestlers just becoming streamers. (Plus live in dayton Ohio so cheap to send) @BaileyMcComas @nickmaraldo #patmcafeeshow #fortheBrand

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#pmsbiggamingshow @BaileyMcComas Just had a daughter and we sit in a computer chair as I work from home watching the @PatMcAfeeShow every single day and the old chair is getting worn

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I sit on a stool for 8 hours a day going to zoom university please help.

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