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 5 days ago

"How could we not explore?... It's part of who we are."

Matt Wallace, @NASAPersevere deputy project manager at @NASAJPL, reflects on the reasons we send rovers to Mars:

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 5 days ago

@bangchihuahua @NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL The biggest humanitarian aid we can possible do is guarantee the survival of mankind by expanding into space.

The earth WILL end in time and we need to start learning how to protect our kind in other environments before it's too late.

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@Angellove8883 @NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL What do they do?

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 5 days ago

@sarahcruddas @NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL Appropriate for today, Daft Punk's "Contact" featuring Gene Cernan

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 5 days ago

@NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL definitely soldiers. we like soldiers, keep on rocking. 🤟🏼

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 5 days ago

@NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL Many have made the argument for more global humanitarian aid instead of expensive outer space exploration. This question is a delicate balancing act because other countries are pursuing space programs as well and they might have a military advantage by dominating space.

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@NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL In the words of the late great Gene Cernan ‘Curiosity is the essence of human existence’

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@NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL Exploring is fun. I just wish we’d explore our own possibilities on our own planet a little bit more.

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 5 days ago

@NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL first btw this is awesome!

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@NASA @NASAPersevere @NASAJPL Thank you for all you do.

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The word “Payola” always slays me. @DreamgirlsCH #dreamgirlsch

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The way these narrators got all the tea!!! I love it #DreamgirlsCH

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CC had no loyalty to anyone he was so snakey #DreamgirlsCH

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Oooooo Deena I did not want to listen #DreamgirlsCH

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