Prince Charles has arrived at the central London hospital treating his father, the Duke of Edinburgh

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 2 weeks ago

@_ewanjames @BBCBreaking It's been very real for about a year or so. A 99 year old man dying is sad for his family but hardly unexpected.

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 2 weeks ago

@_mikebird @BBCBreaking Yep looks like it

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 2 weeks ago

@surreypomp @BBCBreaking Yes royals do not need to obey the laws

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 2 weeks ago

@BBCBreaking He’s about to die, isn’t he.

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@BBCBreaking Breaking: Son sees father

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 2 weeks ago

@BBCBreaking 😬

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 2 weeks ago

@BBCBreaking Is he allowed????

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 2 weeks ago

@BBCBreaking Shit’s about to get real

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get home safely!! you guys are the best πŸ’“πŸ’“ i had such a fun time watching and i hope we can meet one day 😭😭

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