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Replying to @SpaceX: Deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed

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Deployment of 60 Starlink satellites confirmed

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I wouldnt be surprised if it came out that Brandon has or had a sexual relationship with his mother. I get major boyfriend/girlfriend vibe when I see those 2 interact and talk about each other #90DayFiance

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#90DayFiance Yara, Amira & Julia have super low standards and very bad taste in men. Go home ladies. You’re young and don’t have to settle for these worthless cretins.

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I don’t feel sorry for Brandon’s parents when she cried when he told her he was leaving the house because Julia was tired of being treated like a child. Like cut the umbilical cord bro. Grown men who live with parents = RED FLAG and RUN #90DayFiance

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like amira what do u see in andrew?? cause he’s just making u fly all around girl. andrew needs to go #90dayfiance

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Stephanie cheats on Ryan with HIS COUSIN. Which explains her obsession with accusing Ryan of cheating. They get into ANOTHER fight and first thing she does. Calls Ryan’s dirt bag cousin. #gross #90DayFiance #Cheater

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JUST IN: $PHM #90DayFiance @marketcycles $SRTS $INTZ $AUVI #MWN

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