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The Kid Jr. 24 x The Kid from Akron 23! #NBAKicks

One of my fav athletes EVER!!!!!!! Salute to the Kid Jr! These are signed and will be sent your way! Thank you for the inspiration 🙏🏾✊🏾❤️👑

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@KingJames win a real ring

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@KingJames win a real ring lemickey

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@KingJames Win a real ring like Tom Brady lefraud

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@KingJames Real ring

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My brother and his wife who are loyal shoppers at #TraderJoes just rooks me they will no longer support their company. As for me I never was a shopper so 🖕em.

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Sue for wrongful termination. #TraderJoes

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@thehill When they say racism isn’t a joke? #NOtoRacism #TraderJoes Woodrow Wilson bombed Black Wallstreet & started debt slavery🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

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BREAKING NEWS: $EH #TraderJoes @Po_USA_Stock @MarketWN @HerbieBrooksie7 @Greatstockpix $XTNT $RYAM $FSR #MWN

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This is horrible leadership that blew up in #TraderJoes face.

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On #TraderJoes website one of their statements is, “Wow! That was enjoyable, and I got a great deal. I look forward to coming back!”
How they hell are you coming back if you catch covid-19 at the store.

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wondering if a #TraderJoes has actually had bad CO2 levels ever

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@BenBonnema And suddenly I'm very ok with #TraderJoes not coming my area. I'll stick with companies that treat their employees well.

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