Tonight, we're honoring a legend! Don't miss the never before seen interview between @Oprah and Ms. Cicely Tyson. #OWNSpotlight: Cicely Tyson, at 10|9c.

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@OWNTV @Oprah Good afternoon god bless you love you

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@OWNTV @Oprah Oprah winfrey you are lengendary women, you cheer the world with your unique talent and love for all women for their voice to be heard..
I always celebrate you

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@OWNTV @Oprah Ms. Winfrey, You asked a question once who would you want to sit down at a table with and have a conversation… Well you are my number one! I’m a teacher, I use a lot of your inspirational quotes and stories in my teaching. Thank you for opening up my mind to a bigger world.

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@AtwalNonie Profile picture Nonie Atwal


 1 month ago

@OWNTV @Oprah Hi what’s up

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 1 month ago

@OWNTV @Oprah Can't wait to watch

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@OWNTV @Oprah please if you can follow me i will be bringing the truth of agribusiness and the Amazon, the other side that is often not seen Thank you very much I count on the support of all, Emerson Antoniolli Sinop Mato Grosso

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@OWNTV @Oprah काशी आपके इस स्नेह और प्यार का कर्जदार आपका स्नेह दिखाता है मेरा देश जाग चुका है उस माता-पिता को मेरा अभिनंदन वाह रे बेटियां हमें पता ही नहीं था नए भारत से इतना प्यार करते हैं आप लोग

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 1 month ago

@OWNTV @Oprah Oh oprah

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 1 month ago

@OWNTV @Oprah I Will be watching this right after the @BET Super Bowl gospel show

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@OWNTV @Oprah So excited! Two beautiful African American Matriarchs of the Nation in one setting❤️🤞🏽

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As we continue to celebrate powerful female voices out there in the world, we also want to celebrate some of those on our team!

Tune in tomorrow for our first LIVE broadcast from our MTAD group, being interviewed by Emmy Award winner, Simone Corbett.


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@StevieStacks84 #TeamStacks this would bless my life in so many ways right now. I’m laid off work and my mothers birthday is coming up. She’s a single mother of 6kids that works 7days a week and deserve everything, also since today is #InternationalWomensDay  this would be the biggest gift 🙏🏽🍀

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On #InternationalWomensDay I wanna shout out some women I admire... some I know better than others. @roxystriar @AlanaJordan @jowrotethis @darksheikftf @eflind @cantobritt @Razerpops @WWESaraAmato

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Thank you all for showing your support for these artists and for each other!! As #InternationalWomensDay winds down, link some of your favorite female creator(s) in the comments!

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@PalmerRadio Happy #InternationalWomensDay , thanks for being interactive it’s awesome!

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