I watched some of the Michael Jordan series, still got a few episodes to watch but Phil Jackson's school of thought and his way of understanding each individual was incredible to see! Top man!

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@WXNDOWSILL @Louis_Tomlinson Same, I ordered over a month Avon

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@copyofacopy28x Profile picture Cat


 3 weeks ago

@Louis_Tomlinson @Louis_Tomlinson the people want to know 😂

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@VideoETA Profile picture VideoETA


 4 weeks ago

@LouisStyles_29 @Louis_Tomlinson We just got a restock. Limited supply.

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@70SDIANA @Louis_Tomlinson YES. Sleeping

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@SWEETONEDHABIT @Louis_Tomlinson Louis It's kevinnnn

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@WXNDOWSILL Profile picture dom


 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson i ordered merch louis:( and it haven’t arrived yet, i don’t know what’s happening:( pls

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@LouisStyles_29 Profile picture Maya


 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson Walls vinyl restock??

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@lwtnewangel Profile picture maya!


 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson louis one of my best friends is getting a new dog soon, have any name suggestions?

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@70SDIANA Profile picture aditi.


 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson do you have any plans for the Walls anniversary?

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@copyofacopy28x Profile picture Cat


 1 month ago

@Louis_Tomlinson Louis what was the context of this photo? 😂

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@Louis_Tomlinson Loook hereeee! I made a few weeks ago! Hope you like it! Love you!

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