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 4 days ago

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Every year, more than a quarter of a million people are incarcerated while awaiting trial in Illinois. Most of them are jailed only because they can't afford to pay a money bond.

Tell your legislators to #EndMoneyBail by passing the Pretrial Fairness Act:

Illinois legislators are expected to vote to #EndMoneyBail within the next 24 hours. Call your legislators or visit to ask them to pass the Pretrial Fairness Act now!

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 3 days ago

@endmoneybond @johnlegend John Legend I was hoping you would be a part of inauguration. #BidenHarris2020

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@johnlegend Thank you John!

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@johnlegend Thanks for amplifying this important issue!

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@johnlegend While we’re at it, let’s ensure criminals like Kyle Rittenhouse don’t get to make $2m bail and gloat by drinking beer and wearing a “free as f***” shirt - the criminal justice system needs an overhaul.

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 4 days ago

@caparkin @johnlegend Yes you do but anyone can tweet with the hashtag #PretrialFairnessNow to help us trend!!!

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 4 days ago

@johnlegend Thank you for amplifying this, @johnlegend! #EndMoneyBail in Illinois!!

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@johnlegend We so deeply appreciate you supporting this campaign!

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It’s #waytooearly for the political foolishness. Stop it. Can we have just one day without the nine sense? Please?! 😭

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What’s one thing you wish they taught us in college that is very much needed now in our adult lives? 🤔

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My father was born as a conjoined twin, but the doctors managed to separate the two.

So, now I have an uncle, once removed.

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It’s #waytooearly for a heart attack but here we are #JungkookWorldDomination

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