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 1 week ago

Meet Parineeti Chopra's girl on the train 🚆

Director @ribhudasgupta's adaptation of Paula Hawkins' bestseller thriller THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN stars @ParineetiChopra, @aditiraohydari, @IamKirtiKulhari, @avinashtiw85, and @tota_rc.

On Netflix February 26.

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@NetflixFilm @netflix @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc I was kind of whatever about the American adaptation (not Emily Blunt's fault, I love her), curious to see how this differs.

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 1 week ago

@NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc Let's see if this one is better or not

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 1 week ago

@shannsational @NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc this one will be in hindi

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@NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc Original hi itni boring thi ....to ye to Hindi remake hai ....uper se parineeti chopra....🤣🤣

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 1 week ago

@ryan_the_ryan @NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc Oh my fucking god

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@NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc @dcmenegaz we have to watch

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@NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc Gonna see Parineeti after so long. Super Excited.
BTW, is it a coincidence that Prianka's Netflix Film just came out and now it's her turn 😂

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 1 week ago

@NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc Ya lo ví, gracias. 😏

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@NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc I'm looking forward to this film being delayed and replaced with "The Girl On The Bus Replacement Service"

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 1 week ago

@NetflixFilm @ribhudasgupta @ParineetiChopra @aditiraohydari @IamKirtiKulhari @avinashtiw85 @tota_rc The one with Emily Blunt is so disappointing so I have high hopes for this one!

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Who will #Trump marry after dumping #Melania
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#ByeByeTrump Fuck Off rott MOTHERFUCKER fucking racist PIG! @POTUS

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But do we really?

Air Force 1 #ByeByeTrump
I'm super excited for 12:01pm.
I'm stuck like glue.
Is the AG ready to roll?
She cant possibly want to allow him more tine to speak with those pardoned.😉

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#ByeByeTrump Donald Trump se despide de la Casa Blanca

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#BidenHarrisInauguration #BidenTakeAction #ByeTrump #Biden #ByeByeTrump #TrumpsLastDay joe Biden and the Democrats Just used the BLM movement to get votes, they dont care about BLM, they have been tricked wait and see

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- ¿Por qué tan elegante, Homero?
- Hoy Donald Trump deja de ser presidente


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Yep, it's #TrumpsLastDay. #ByeByeTrump. 🥳
Just I wish the best to @JoeBiden in all of these years of presidency doing the best for all #UnitedStates 🇺🇲.
Definitely, it opens a new chapter. A new chapter I hope it's for good.
#Inauguration2021 #Inauguration

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