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YouTube is the new Trump TV.

Trump's YouTube Channel shows +4,000 Trump videos, including "stop the steal" and calls "to fight!"

Corporate America--WHY are you running your ads on You Tube Trump TV?!

RT to tell @Google, @YouTube, @SusanWojcicki...


One of my closest friends was radicalized by YouTube. It started a few years ago with "thought-provoking" and "contrarian" vids. But, thanks to the suggested videos algo, got darker and more violent, he lost his wife, kids, and friends, and none of us know where he is today.

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 4 days ago

@thedaycaredad @sacca Plenty of middle aged ( and younger) white women in there too. The wellness community definitely has a number of rabbit holes that’ll take you from “ green juices on the go!” To “ Bill Gates’ vaccine will program you to drink children’s blood”

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Already my phone is blowing up with friends saying the same thing about their loved ones. Shit. It's so fucking sad. Come on, friends at YouTube, I know this truly isn't what you believe in nor why you work there. Please do something. Thanks.

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This is my pal who went to a fabulous school, read all the great books, advocated for progressive politics, and had more genuine, longtime friends of color than anyone I knew. Fast forward to him blaming societal problems on those same people. Those fucking videos programmed him.

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The Rabbit Hold pod made me feel for him. He's a smart guy and always had a big heart. But those videos created an alternate, dangerous, racist, violent reality. I miss him all the time and hope he can get out of all of this safely.

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Years ago, it would be something like a bullshit Ben Carson video. "Doesn't this guy make sense?" Next he would be posting on our FB pages about sharia law and why to fear all Muslims. Eventually, he was out there unapologetically out there as a Proud Boy.

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I hadn't really processed the hurt of no longer recognizing a guy who was in my wedding. Then I heard the Rabbit Hole podcast from @kevinroose. He went back through the YouTube view history of someone who was radicalized the same way and I felt like I was listening to my buddy.

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 4 days ago

@sacca Fox News, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have done to middle aged white guys what they said video games would do to kids.

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@sacca Deleting @YouTube app now

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 4 days ago

@sacca Wtf lol

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 4 days ago

@sacca Heartbreaking.

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