🚨🚨HAPPENING RIGHT NOW: Hope in Illinois. Within a day (possibly hour), lawmakers vote on a law to overhaul the entire pretrial justice system. Reducing jail populations. Keeping families together. Take 2 minutes to sign this letter. Help us make history:

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🚨UPDATE: Might happen today! On the verge of a major victory in Illinois for fairness & justice. To end cash bail & overhaul the entire pretrial justice system.

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We need to do more than just #EndMoneyBail---we must reform the entire pretrial justice system. The Pretrial Fairness Act is the only way to get real pretrial justice in Illinois.

Tell legislators to support it:

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Thinking about Miguel. Locked up for 9 months on $300k bail. “Being incarcerated doesn’t just affect yourself, it affects your immediate family. The stress that come along with it. You could lose everything.” Sign here for Miguel:

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Thinking about Flo. Caged for two months because he couldn’t afford $7500. Worried about his family & the horrific conditions on the inside. “I think everyone should have a fair shot to fight their cases.” Sign your support here:

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 4 days ago

@ScottHech Thank you for amplifying this! #EndMoneyBail

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 4 days ago

@ScottHech Signed!

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 4 days ago

@ScottHech Sent my letter days ago but I'm pretty sure my senator is for it. 🤞🤞🤞

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Thinking about Cassandra. Called a Chicago jail 132 times to try to save her husband from COVID. She was ignored. No mask. Soap. Crowded. He died. Now 1000+ more jailed. She’s fighting for the pretrial fairness act so no one else goes through it. Her words:

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@ScottHech Thank you! The scare tactics are out of control. We can’t let them defeat these important reforms.

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