We made this for @rickygervais ! So why #rickygervais? Because of his amazing morals and dedication to animal welfare that's why. He is able to give animals a voice that they don't have. #reachrickygervais #animals #rescue #ngo

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@TFhorserescue @rickygervais This is wonderful! Thank you for all that you do for animals.

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@TenerifeHorse @rickygervais Hes such a voice for animals love him

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@gaidhealpecht Profile picture clach


 1 week ago

@TenerifeHorse @rickygervais ...help us reach @rickygervais
@PussAndPaws we've been trying for months.

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@mpulvano Profile picture Mary Pulvano


 1 week ago

@TenerifeHorse @rickygervais It would be brilliant if more celebrities were more like Ricky, and gave a voice to all creatures great & small. 🐶🐮🐰🐱🐄🐘🦍🦓🦏🐎

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@KiKi_loves_KiKi @rickygervais Thank you so much for your response. That's so kind. We also care for horses more than people 😜 you can donate in many ways. PayPal donations@tenerifehorserescue.com or from our website or to sponsor an animal monthly. Thank you❣️

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@TenerifeHorse @rickygervais I'm the human that cares for horses more than people. Where do I donate?

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@AlexAKABatman Profile picture Alex Fire


 1 week ago

@TenerifeHorse @rickygervais I hope this some how reaches Ricky Gervais

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@rickygervais Thanks so much @rickygervais for tweeting our post, it means a lot. If you ever want a free holiday in Tenerife, come and stay in our luxury yurt on our animal sanctuary and see what we do for the animals and meet our 35 cats, 25 dogs, 17 horses and 200+ other animals 😜

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que morra esse filho da puta do caralho ou que acorde so pra ver a merda de carreira sendo destruída bosta dos inferno

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#BNHA298 nos trends do tt

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Necesito un corazón nuevo el mío está destrozado......


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#BNHA298 I’m too exited!!! I’m looking forward to this chapter I can’t wait!!!

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Porque Boku No Hero tá nos trends? É a galera chorando por personagem de novo? Se for pra chorar pelo Mineta ou o Koda eu entendo, agora por qualquer outro personagem, é foda

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