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 5 days ago

Quoted @StevenTDennis

Official Arizona GOP Twitter account overnight:

From December 8....first tweet quote tweeting the criminal grifter who helped to incite the insurrection and the second tweet (which as since been deleted) is just straight up incitement.

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@ItsCarlAdams @yashar I don’t think they realize it.. yet. I mean they are still protesting the results of the election.

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 5 days ago

@jvagle875 @yashar It’s most likely @kelliwardaz, and she is a solid snapshot of how the AZ GOP lost its way in the last several years and why the state is becoming bluer all the time.

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@yashar It’s no coincidence that the AZ GOP was so quick to align with the perpetrator given that his co-conspirators represent our state in congress.

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@yashar Have they never heard the saying "nothing is ever deleted from the internet"?

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@yashar Yeah it's really just telling "fire" in a crowded movie theatre: once the body count starts climbing, untrue statements can be regulated.

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 5 days ago

@yashar Start with wack-job Kelli Ward.

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 5 days ago

@yashar Do Republicans in Arizona enjoy losing elections? It sure seems like it.

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@yashar Yes it is. Try not to ignore it when it goes the other way as well.

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 5 days ago

@yashar Who is running this account and why has no one literally taken their phone away?

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They’re going to have to update @knowyourmeme after tonight’s third round of #Catsjudgingkellyanne

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It's 3AM & #Catsjudgingkellyanne needs some retweet help for #Catsjudgingkellyanne. The #PURRsistance thanks you #CatsOfTwitter

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#catsjudgingkellyanne is boring at times, but a sincere necessity also, darlings.

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Widget is here to weigh in. #Catsjudgingkellyanne

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