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 2 weeks ago

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When thugs attempted a coup, we paused fundraising to focus on democracy but while our energies shifted, our deadline has not!

To get back on track to qualify for public matching, I need to raise $10k by Monday 1/11 from New Yorkers.

Can we count on you?

My first #MayaforMayor fundraising deadline is TONIGHT and I can see that finish line!! 🔥 Thank you to all who’ve already chipped in! I‘d be eternally grateful if you could help us run through that tape!:

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@SGRho89 @mayawiley Nope. She needs to hit at least $11k by tonight!

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 2 weeks ago

@mayawiley Just donated from NC. Go you!

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@mayawiley You gonna win..

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 2 weeks ago

@mayawiley 💗 you

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@mayawiley Good luck from a fan in Michigan!

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@mayawiley I just gave. Give em hell maya

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 2 weeks ago

@mayawiley Where can we sign up to volunteer?

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 2 weeks ago

@mayawiley Go Maya go!!

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 2 weeks ago

@mayawiley Does a donor have to live in NewYork?

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@mayawiley Done. Go, Maya, go!

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I remember watching this live on tv because a teacher ( Christa McAuliffe ) from my home state of NH was on it. Another moment I will never forget. #Challenger #NASARemembers

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A day and moment I’ll never forget. #Challenger

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Take a few minutes today to look upward and remember that the universe is still a marvel, including and infinitely beyond our place in it.

#Challenger #35YearsAgoToday

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ON THIS DAY: 35 years ago... Many of us remember exactly what we were doing when the interruption came on the radio... Tv... #Challenger #RIPBraveSouls

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35 years ago today, we lost 7 brave souls. To this day, it gives me chills to think about, and I can't watch docs or anything when that moment, "Go with thottles up", I know what's next and can only close my eyes and wait. #Challenger

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Today marks the 35th anniversary of the Challenger explosion and tragedy. Here's how a few of the papers covered the story in the next day's editions. @Tennessean @latimes @BostonGlobe @NYDailyNews #Challenger

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