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 1 week ago

Sex and the City is coming back, but with only three of the original fabulous four as Kim Cattrall won't return

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 1 week ago

@BBCNews Kim don't want to be swallowing while this Coronavirus shit going on

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@BBCNews Are we not suffering enough !!!!

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@BBCNews Smart Kim

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@BBCNews Remember when I was sex in the city πŸŒƒ

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I barely know anything about her or the situation but I know enough to know that a) reverse racism isn't a thing and b) #istandwithkrystina .

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Forgot to put the hashtag in the tweet goddamnit but #istandwithkrystina

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Racists and trolls are attacking Krystina Arielle #IStandWithKrystina because she is a wonderful wholesome presence in the Star Wars Galaxy and nerd culture in general

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Black people are systemically targeted with harassment on social media platforms. @Twitter @Jack @Twitch need to take concrete action to deplatform the bigots who are leading and participating in these harassment campaigns.
#IStandWithKrystina #VerifyKrystinaArielle @verified

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Ask not who the fucking racist is. It's you.

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