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 2 weeks ago

Quoted @OhioStateFB

The Chapter of Champions (feat. @johnlegend & @KingJames)

#GoBuckeyes #Fight

Go Buckeyes!

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@Moni007 @johnlegend Anytime there's a Big10 against SEC...we all gotta go BIG10!

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 2 weeks ago

@Kebrewer3 @johnlegend He’s from Ohio. It’s in his blood he can’t help it just like the rest of us 😂

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 2 weeks ago

@johnlegend So glad you’re a Buckeyes fan!

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 2 weeks ago

@johnlegend Yes....let’s go Buckeyes!!

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@johnlegend Ugghh now I only like you 99%. #PSU99

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 2 weeks ago

@johnlegend I'm a Nebraska fan, but we're cheering on the Buckeyes to punch Alabama in the mouth and win the championship to rep for the Big10!

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 2 weeks ago
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@johnlegend 😻😻😻

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 2 weeks ago

@johnlegend ROLLLLTIDE 🐘🐘🐘

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Yang kek gini gw demen
Emyu kalah
Biar admin sono gak songong

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At this point, Amad Diallo really can't do any worse than Martial.

I give up, he's never going to be reliable.

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@CousinFeo Too many passengers today, needed Cavani from the start & Greenwood should have stayed on instead of Rashy, Martial not at the races again... sucks to get knocked back & drop unexpected points but more reason to stick it to the Gooners pon weekend #MUFC

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After tonight performance Cavani has to be our main striker #MUFC

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There is an argument that for every goal scored there is always a mistake. I accept that, it happens. I hate poor defending and this clip is staggering. He has two shots from the same position and has his own post code in our penalty area. TWICE! #mufc

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reveals what Manchester United missed during Sheffield clash #mufc #MUNSHU

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#MUFC have a goal difference of -2 at Old Trafford in the Premier League so far this season.

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Chat activo!

Quienes se quieran sumar, en minutos prendemos el directo post-partido muchachos!

Toca hablar y mucho de este #ManUtd y #Sheffield!


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