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 1 week ago

Quoted @Schwarzenegger

My message to my fellow Americans and friends around the world following this week's attack on the Capitol.

Thank you, Governor Schwarzenegger

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@fullspeed_30 @johnlegend He can't , he was not born here !

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@johnlegend Loved what he had to say.

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 1 week ago

@johnlegend elect him in 2024 ... perfect speech.

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@AlyshaT4 @johnlegend Absolutely.....a mix of chills and comfort

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 1 week ago

@cindypop @johnlegend What an honor it is to have Mr. Universe here on earth as an immigrant’s story in California 👍

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@johnlegend The words of an #Austrian count 😺😊🙏🇦🇹

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@johnlegend 🙏❤️💯

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 1 week ago

@johnlegend Immigrants... They get the job done.

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 1 week ago
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@johnlegend This is heartwarming and bone chilling at the same time.

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What are u doing for OTHERS?!! #MLKDay

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Very happy to have edited & contributed to this special project (and lined up podcasts with @TheMizer @joelegoza & Pam Horowitz, widow to Julian Bond) for the new @hnhcommunity ‘Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement’, launched on #MLKDay today

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What are YOU doing for others? #mlk #mlkquotes #mlkday #thinkpositive #think #you #youmatter @ Downtown Nashville

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Martin Luther King Jr. was successful in ending segregation in large part b/c his protests were peaceful. Black Lives Matter won’t succeed, b/c they’ve disqualified themselves by consistently using violence. Where racism exists, we must end it MLK’s way: peacefully. #MLK #MLKDay

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Every Person Of Color
on the Planet sees this for what it is...
Just astonished to see how skin color so OBVIOUSLY determines your Rights and Consequences in the "USA". . . or lack thereof.

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The Wildcats continue to make Dr. King’s dream a reality each and every day! #MLKDay

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