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 1 week ago

First Trump tweeted about how it was all up to Mike Pence not to let him down.

Then he gave a speech to the crowd telling them it all depended on Mike Pence doing his bidding, even as he knew that Pence wouldn't.

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 1 week ago
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@chrislhayes Trump and his acolytes screamed β€œfire” in a crowded theater.

His mob then went into a crowded theater and set a fire.

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 1 week ago

Donald Trump put his own Vice President's life in danger. It's as clear as day, and it's wild to me that Republican politicians are just gonna shrug that off.

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 1 week ago

Some in the crowd chanted "HANG MIKE PENCE"

And to top it all off AFTER THE CROWD HAD BREACHED THE CAPITOL, perhaps the very moment they were asking aloud where Pence was, and chanting "HANG MIKE PENCE", Trump ***sent out a tweet attacking Mike Pence.***

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 1 week ago

Then he told the mob to go to the capitol to watch to see who was on their side

At the capitol someone in the mob erected what appears to be a functional gallows.

They stormed the Capitol. Once inside many were heard to be actively looking for Mike Pence in order to kill him.

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Halfway through the #NFLDivisional playoff round and the youngest QB left in the NFC is #AaronRodgers (37) and the oldest QB left in the AFC is #BakerMayfield (25). #pebbleddemons #SBLV

Rodgers - 37
Brees - 42
Brady - 43

Mayfield - 25 (Apr)
Allen - 24
Mahomes - 25 (Sep)

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#NFL Saturday
Public πŸ”Ό
Professionals πŸ”½
*Pros did nail the Ravens/Bills Under, however
On to Sunday ...
*NO has gone from -3 (-115) to -3 (+100) over past 13 hours+, will it ever get to -2.5?

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Congratulations to @_1Sledge and the @BuffaloBills
for advancing to the Conference Championship!

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Should I let this go or cash out? #nfl #NFLDivisional #NFLPlayoffs #NFLPicks πŸ™ˆπŸ˜¬πŸ‘€πŸ”₯

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I was severely tempted to bet on both underdogs today, so glad I played it safe. Lamar Jackson was back to his old playoff self & the Rams defence never showed up. Now lets see if the Chiefs & Saints can do the business tomorrow #balvsbuf #NFLDivisional

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