Hmm. Looks like @TheOnion’s investigative reporters might have figured it out:

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@SwashBuccaneer Profile picture Chris


 2 weeks ago

@Lgirl47F @neiltyson @TheOnion It's hard to tell the difference anymore. I don't think even they could make up some of the shit we've actually seen happen.

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@traveler1984 Profile picture Josh


 2 weeks ago

@Hassett_Brian @neiltyson @TheOnion Sounds about *white

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@ncgang1 Profile picture Bag0Burgers


 2 weeks ago

@christianboutin @neiltyson @TheOnion Maybe she shouldn't have tried to overthrow the us government

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@neiltyson @TheOnion Funny joke, maybe forward it to the family of the white woman who was shot.

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@neiltyson @TheOnion So disappointed

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@Lgirl47F Profile picture FLgirl47


 2 weeks ago

@neiltyson @TheOnion So they’ve given up satire and are now writing non-fiction, I see.

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@neiltyson @TheOnion Neil, literally everyone else noticed

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@neiltyson @TheOnion Sounds about right unfortunately 😏

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@Henoch03335219 Profile picture Henoch


 2 weeks ago
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@GangteCaleb Profile picture Caleb Gangte


 2 weeks ago

@neiltyson @TheOnion America is rekt rn tbh

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@BretWeinstein The ultimate proof that this is not about transgender rights is the non-existence of female->male transitions for the purpose of competing against biological males in elite sports. #BidenErasedWomen

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If #BidenErasedWomen, how are they still able to cry about it on Twitter?

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Terfs would cut off their nose to spite their own face and plan to do exactly that by protesting Biden's extended LGBT protection EO (unilaterally a good thing). Transphobia is pathological.

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If I've been erased, how come I still have to go to work? #BidenErasedWomen #YouAintErasedJustTransphobic

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I'm glad #BidenErasedWomen is trending, but I hope we can consider the big picture as well.

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