This is what many of us have been waving our hands about for so long. We are seeing how bad things can get when a leader governs by division. GOP, by all means, put forth candidates who reflect your policy values, but steer clear of this specific incendiary breed in the future.

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 3 weeks ago
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 3 weeks ago

@SethMacFarlane Preach!!!!!!

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@SethMacFarlane Well said Seth. We ALL saw this coming but yet we are all surprised?

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 3 weeks ago

@SethMacFarlane this is their policy values in action

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@SethMacFarlane Yeah... how did you guys survive the last 4 years?

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 3 weeks ago
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Rory is already bored with the crazy Q conspiracy project
Wake him when she's expelled from the house #catsjudgingmarjorie

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"The Storm" is coming for YOU! @mtgreenee

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is a SedishBish, and thatโ€™s that on that.


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#catsjudgingmarjorie yep yep, sheโ€™s crazy and dangerous. GFY

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Posey thinks thereโ€™s no place in Congress for traitors who masquerade as patriots. #catsjudgingmarjorie

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