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 3 weeks ago

I’m speechless

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@dumbasschef_eee @ChrisEvans I’ll take two😋

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 3 weeks ago

@itsdevonh @ChrisEvans the avengers are fake. this isn’t.

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 3 weeks ago

@93REMEMBER_ @ChrisEvans shut up its not time

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 3 weeks ago

@Rich8198 @ChrisEvans yeah hi. im canadian and what the fuck is going on

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 3 weeks ago

@acidicadri @ChrisEvans what happened?

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 3 weeks ago

@ChrisEvans It feels like we literally need the avengers to come in 😭

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@ChrisEvans Selling pie for those who came to read the comments

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 3 weeks ago

@ChrisEvans The world is watching this. The whole world.

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@ChrisEvans Put on the suit

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 3 weeks ago

@ChrisEvans We all are unfortunately

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 3 weeks ago
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@PatrickW @illiesunny They're "knocking over the game board" since the peasants were beating them at their own game - this is an attempt to recoup their losses. Hopefully all the new investors #HoldTheLine


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Ok, who had “all sides of political spectrum coming together on #EatTheRich” on their #2021Bingo Card?

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#dogecoin Sonic #EatTheRich #Robinhood YO FOLLOW THIS GUY FOR MUTUALS XDXD (trolololololo)

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Yeah. If there ever was a doubt the market is rigged for the wealthy this debacle should clarify the notion for ya.


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Wondering why you're seeing "Hold the Line" and "Do NOT SELL"? This analysis gives a great rundown from a Socialist perspective.
#amcstock #EatTheRich
#Stonks $GME $AMC $BBBY

GameStop, casino capitalism and chaos on Wall Street:

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