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 3 weeks ago

NEW: Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to Pres. Trump's morning tweet on COVID-19 related deaths: "The deaths are real deaths. All you need to do is go out into the trenches... that's real, that's not fake."

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@BethAHezlep @ThisWeekABC @karentravers I’m sad for you. Whine, whine, whine

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@ThisWeekABC Well I just hope and pray my landlord won’t kick me out because I didn’t get an stimulus and my mum file for me as a dependent

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 3 weeks ago

@ThisWeekABC Families are in pain and potus is screaming fake election, fake deaths... Fake pain?

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 3 weeks ago

@ThisWeekABC That what happens when we have a weak poor whiney commander of Chief downplay the covid, and after the election he went off golfing as if the covid has vanished. Pass the 25th Amendment if the Senate loss on Jan 5

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Surround yourself with people who talk about visions and ideas.

Not about other people.


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I’m working on not feeling guilty when I’m not “being productive.”

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Non nobis solum nati sumus.

(We are not born for ourselves alone)


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