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The world is yours and erythang in it...it’s out there get on ya grind and get it ayeeeee

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@TreySongz Amen

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@TreySongz Trey I’m not gonna lie , I hate it here 🥺

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@TreySongz 💛

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@TreySongz Hands in the air

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Tuya es la Gloria y la alabanza 🥰

שבת שלום London #ماجد_الشمراني_افضل_حكم_محلي #Euphoria200M #الاهلي_lلهلال #TwitchRecap #السوق40 @RicardoClaureP

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Yo al empezar a stremear: no voy a jugar mucho a lol en mi canal porque no quiero basar mi contenido en eso.

Also yo:


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Gotta say sajamNoise is too powerful #twitchrecap

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Dernier #Splatfest go me rejoindre en live sur #Splatoon2

#NintendoSwitch #Splatoon #twitch #twitchstreamer #twitchrecap

🔴 🔴

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Considering I only started heavily focusing on content creation again this year when pandemic hit, this isn't the worst #TwitchRecap I could have had.
Shout out to my small but growing community for hanging out with me this year.

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it might not have been the best year but hey you all made it so much better thank you everyone who supports me <3 #twitchrecap #TwitchRecap2020

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Ya know, it kinda feels like a kick in the dick to see all these streamers posting their #twitchrecap, yet after streaming over 700 hours last year I just get a recap about what I watched. I know I’m a teeny tiny streamer in the grand scheme of things, but like....really?

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#TwitchRecap @Gastronogeek Tu peux plus dire que je vais plus chez Maghla que chez le Beurre ! 😂

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