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 3 weeks ago

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Thanks Ajay! It is indeed a wonderful story.. looking forward to 22nd.. #ZidonZEE5 @ZEE5Premium

Thank you Punit for always giving Entertainment a boost. Wish u & your loved ones a Happy 2021πŸ™

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 3 weeks ago

@TeamRakul10 @ajaydevgn @SrBachchan @ajaydevgn @akshaykumar @BeingSalmanKhan @iamsrk Dear Sir I'm in big problem.I need financial help urgently. Pls help to purchase my movie story script. It's related to. Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rani Rashmoni and sister Nivedita

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@ajaydevgn You are welcome for giving you a go-to guide for your own bedroom πŸ›Œ & not others. Happy 2021 Ajay sir!!

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@ajaydevgn I love You AD you happy new year 2021

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@ajaydevgn bhuj the pride of india ke updates do bhai sahab

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 3 weeks ago

@ajaydevgn Love you Ad ❀️

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@ajaydevgn Tommarow Is Very Special For Me
Cuz It's My Birthday
So Please Wish Me Make My Day Special !😍❀️
So Please Give Me A Wish πŸ’•πŸ’• πŸ™

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@ajaydevgn Love you boss 😍

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 3 weeks ago

@ajaydevgn Can't wait for #MayDay ❀✈😍

#RakulPreet #AjayDevgn

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@ajaydevgn Love you sir

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WHY IS NO ONE CONFRONTING MARY?!!! Ughhhhhh they fell for her trap 😩 #RHOSLC

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I just don't understand why Heather continues to not only be friends with Jen but value the relationship. Heather wasn't at the table conversation so how did she know what she was walking into? #RHOSLC #RHOSL

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@heathergay29 is that a Mormon quality?To be so CALM AND LOVING when it isn’t deserved. That’s a good quality.Unconditional love. It’s rare nowadays! @BravoTV #rhoslc

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Ok that @WhatCrappens has a phrase for a cast member means #RHOSLC is a success "I LOVE THAT."

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@TheRealJenShah needs to smoke a fucking joint #rhoslc

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This bitch is a gas-lighter fuck Jen #RHOSLC

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Jen Shah wearing J. Lo's Versace pattern... she is an icon #RHOSLC

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this hypnotist is so shady πŸ’€ give her a snowflake #RHOSLC

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