December 21, 2020
A happy December Solstice to all residents of Planet Earth.

Henceforth, day by day, the Northern Hemisphere gains daylight. The Southern Hemisphere loses daylight. And equatorial residents, as always, sit through 12hrs of day and 12hrs of night — all year round

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 1 month ago

@neiltyson Cómo?

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 1 month ago

@neiltyson And also the greatest conjunction of this century.

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 1 month ago

@neiltyson I was expecting the Happy Saturnalia Tweet 🤣

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 1 month ago

@neiltyson Days getting longer from here on... about time.

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 1 month ago

@neiltyson Did you get your powers yet

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 1 month ago

@neiltyson It’s also my birthday, and as a gift you could join me on @PodcastBozo

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 1 month ago

@neiltyson What

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#dndartists some of my art! Most of the pictures are characters of my best friend, only the second one, Luna, is my own character!

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Omg, this is an art tag I can REALLY do!! Hello #dndartists !! I love painting and drawing my own PC's and other people's! ...You can probably tell I like PC's with horns.

You can find all my DnD stuff here:

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it's no secret that I LOVE dnd and i love this tag!
I love making fake posters, cards, lineups, and silly little doodles. Every campaign I've played is dear to my heart because i have the greatest dnd pals. here's to many more fun adventures in the future ⚔️🐉

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#dndartists i dont draw dnd stuff that often anymore but damn these sure are all red and black

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How Would You Get your MEDICINE if NO ELECTRICITY or POWER GRID was OUT ... <<#dietcokebutton #COVID19 #dndartists #DevoleenaBhattacharjee #viral #vaccine #thursdaymorning #HereWeGo #BernieSanders #BidenErasedWomen #BussItChallenge

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#dndartists appears to be the hashtag 😊

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Character from my last campaign was basically a human puppet inhabited by 2 souls with very different personalities , played by 2 different players. When I was in control he was very greedy. #dndartists

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HEAVES IT'S MY TIME all I do is draw OCs now #dndartists

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