Post a pic of you next to someone who is slightly more famous than you.

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My last impressions update:

1️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ MILLION (!!!)

And here are three of my many favorites: @Lauren_Collins, @DrewFromTV and @brianrayguitar.

Appreciate all who joined in. Follow me for more random questions that will never receive close to this much engagement.

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@T31974 Profile picture Tom , just Tom


 1 month ago

@ScheidhauerJeff @Chris_Grosse Is he pissed cause you asked him about Dave Kingman’s performance?

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48 hour update: 5️⃣2️⃣ MILLION impressions!

Now let’s just get @BarackObama to post a photo of him with @MichelleObama and we can call it a night.

Also, here are a few of mine:

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@pinkcleats @Chris_Grosse The way the photo is cropped here his head is cut off. πŸ˜‚

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24 hours later...🀯

Also, shout out to @SHAQ for being the most mentioned person πŸ™Œ

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@Chris_Grosse Me and Tommy Lasorda. I hate Tommy Lasorda

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@theruge Profile picture Andy Ruge


 1 month ago
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@pinkcleats Profile picture Holly


 1 month ago

@Chris_Grosse Have had the chance to meet some athletes over the years but the height difference here always makes me laugh.

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@Chris_Grosse The President Elect

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Now we all know who pulls the strings in the stock market, class action lawsuit loading.....@RobinhoodApp
They can manipulate the prices as hedge funds but when the average American does y'all shut us down SMH
#EatTheRich #robinhoodlawsuit

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#eattherich where is my class action lawsuit?
Nothing illegal was done and they're actively preventing people from doing what Wall Street has done for the last several decades.

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@herosnvrdie69 I’ve got a theme song for this sentiment -> #eattherich

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Retail investors shouldn’t be penalized for investing in an β€œefficient” market. #EatTheRich

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