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 1 month ago

Today is the day! Join me and the cast of The Walking Dead at 4PM ET for a special trivia battle to benefit the race in GA. Visit to get your ticket before it’s too late. This is gonna be fun!

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@michnonne @DanaiGurira I miss the red carpet 😭

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@DanaiGurira I'll be there 😊

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@DanaiGurira i love u danai and i'm so exited πŸ’•

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 1 month ago

@DanaiGurira Can’t wait!!!

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 1 month ago

@DanaiGurira i love you DanaiπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž cant wait to see you with the cast TWD FAMILY

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@DanaiGurira ReadyπŸ™‹πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

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 1 month ago

@DanaiGurira I'M SO EXCITED

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 1 month ago

@DanaiGurira i love you danai ❀

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@DanaiGurira I love u Danai!❀

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I don’t know what I did yesterday W/ these stocks but I know that @stoolpresidente and listen to the god of pizza for stock advice when I’m doing cardio AND I KNOW WHAT I NEED TO DO TODAY !


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Just remember the market is open all year round. They cant silence us forever. Selling at a loss, locks in losses. Holding means you still own the same amount of stocks in that company. #HoldTheLine #HoldAMC #SaveAMC $AMC

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#HoldTheLine Thanks, Mr. Musky

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$NOK I’m 40% loss now & still holding

#HoldTheLine you all!!!!

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I am going to close out all my positions with @RobinhoodApp they are manipulating the market. I still have #GME in my other brokerage account and will #holdtheline #fuckwallstreet #fuckcitadel #fuckrobinhood.

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@GavrocheThnard4 @moosie_g @DoomTrainPhD @ninaturner @RobinhoodApp $GME down $200 in last 25 minutes. The #HoldTheLine people are either losing their money or lying while they cash out.

Also: This is no more market manipulation than $TSLA with a 100+P/E

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WALL STREET IS DOING EVERYTHING HUMANLY POSSIBLE TO SHUT US DOWN!!! LETS COME TOGETHER, HOLD HOLD HOLD! there is a reason we are trending on Twitter, make your voice heard. I will not let them control the market and our actions. #HoldTheLine #DeleteRobinhood

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