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Current Charity Payouts💰🤍 Thanks to @FanDuel there’s $1M up for grabs in the League this season. This is the current update on the prize pool as we head into the playoffs and no one is going gone empty handed

Replying to @chris_haven: Thank you @agboleague, @FanDuel, and of course, @ChrisEvans!

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Thank you @agboleague, @FanDuel, and of course, @ChrisEvans!

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It’s #BellLetsTalk day so let’s get talking.

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It is not lost on me that this announcement came on #BellLetsTalk day as our kids' mental health has really been struggling learning from home.

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Your voice matters!
Let's listen. Let's comfort. Let's get through this together. #BellLetsTalk #HPSScares

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For every view of this video Bell will donate 5¢ towards #MentalHealth . Now more than ever, every action counts! #BellLetsTalk 

Let's help #MentalHealthMatters

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