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Although they spend 16 hours a day in water, hippos can't swim because they're too muscular and would sink.

Instead, they walk around under the surface.

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@ian123ball @UberFacts Underrated tweet.👏

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@UberFacts don mess wit no hipo

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@UberFacts @MitchAlbrecht has the same issue! Too muscular, so he sinks!

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@UberFacts Hippos are graceful in water, good swimmers, and can hold their breath underwater for up to five minutes. However, they are often large enough to simply walk or stand on the lake floor, or lie in the shallows.
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Hippopotamus | National Geographic

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@Aye_JJay @UberFacts Calling BS, along with @Aye_JJay here.

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@UberFacts Actually, they can swim, and will do so in open water.

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@UberFacts what if they get to a point in the water that’s too deep for them to stand?

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@UberFacts ?????

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@UberFacts Swalking

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