We are extremely thankful to Sh. @iamsrk and @MeerFoundation for donating 500 Remdesivir injections at a time when it was needed the most.

we are much obliged for the support extended by you during the time of crisis.

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@TheFluffyyGuy Profile picture Kung Fu Panda


 2 months ago

@SatyendarJain @iamsrk @MeerFoundation Bharat ki shaan- Shah Rukh Khan

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@itskumars Profile picture Sudhir Kumar


 2 months ago

@SatyendarJain @iamsrk @MeerFoundation What about Aayushman scheme in Delhi.
Only announcement no ground work.
Disgusting politics and handling of PANDEMIC

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@SatyendarJain @pratmist @iamsrk @MeerFoundation Proud to be his fan. What a lovely human being Shah Rukh is! 💗

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 2 months ago

@SatyendarJain @iamsrk @MeerFoundation king of hearts Shah Rukh Khan

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@SatyendarJain @_Prince_Rohit @iamsrk @MeerFoundation Most Charitable Megastar @iamsrk 👑❤️

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It's Thursday, so as we do every Thursday we are sharing examples of questions companies have asked our candidates in interviews this week.

Do you have any favourite interview questions? Any you have found difficult to answer?

#thursdaytips #thursdaythoughts #interview #intervi

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#Thursdaythoughts- The BEST Apps for Real Estate Investors‼️

Whether you're on an active house 🏘️ hunt, looking for an investment 💰property, or want to put your abode on the market.
Read More At 👇

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A lovely afternoon walk in the sunshine with Mother dearest and lunch at #Seaham Harbour, #CountyDurham. #OceanView #Durham #Coastline #Seal #Sealife #ThirdLockDown #NorthEastEngland. #ThursdayThoughts, #Spring is just around the corner...☀️🦭🐟🌊⚓️

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How great Thou art
How great Thou art... #ThursdayThoughts

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#TroilusandCressida is like #Shakespeare read the Iliad and was like OK but, hear me out, what if we close on an old man complaining about STIs instead?


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Great read on supporting staff as we transition to a post-vaccination pandemic & finish the school year strong!

#ThursdayThoughts #HeartHarkin2021 @CUSD300 @IllinoisASBO

Schools, Not Teachers, Must Reduce Stress and Burnout—Here’s How

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@ladygaga is offering $$$$ for the safe return of her dogs. I would think that money should be more about finding and convicting the ppl who shot her dog walker multiple times in the chest. #ThursdayThoughts

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