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 1 month ago

Keanu Reeves has had stalkers break into his home multiple times.

On one occasion, he woke up and found a girl in his library; whom he calmly spoke to as he called the police to pick her up for a psychiatric evaluation.

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@bookbugbitten @UberFacts That movie was messed up!

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@UberFacts Keanu is one of my favorite actors, and not just because of the movies he makes. He’s a genuinely good person.

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@UberFacts So, Knock Knock?

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@UberFacts guess he has seen a movie called knock knock. 🤷

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts Was that before he became John wick??

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts Well, he's pretty much a bad ass. Nothing to be scared of.

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@UberFacts Knock knock 😝😝

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts sO wHoLeSoMe
No, that's how we all should be and he started and soon we shall follow.

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Came out two years ago to my family. Bisexual and proud 💖💜💙 #lgbtqforcorpse

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i can only show my virtual self but i still wanna give a small shoutout today <3 #lgbtqforcorpse I am Poly and bisexual.
i having loving partners and those around me are my chosen family <3 love for @Corpse_Husband

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#lgbtqforcorpse What the fuck is this grindr?

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BAD BITCHES are on corpsetwt #lgbtqforcorpse ❤️

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Hi hello, yes I’m bisexual :)


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when youre summoned but you dont show your face either #lgbtqforcorpse

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