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 21 hours ago

Tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses are reportedly being manufactured and stored in several facilities around the country.

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 18 hours ago

@ABC Sounds like pandemonium.

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@ABC I don't think most Americans care that much about how many doses you have "stored", but rather the safety and effectiveness of those doses. Things seem to being pushed on us just a bit too fast. Most vaccines take 5-10yrs to develop.

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 20 hours ago

@ABC As a vaccine trial volunteer and ICU Rn, the reported fatigue is "impaired driver", IPN fatigue. To be taken seriously. 24-30 hour fatigue. Healthcare systems need to admin. to staff going off shift for a couple of days to allow recovery time. Stagger inoculations. Safety first.

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 21 hours ago

@ABC I hate the word manufactured, it's so off putting. I still love the medical field.

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 21 hours ago
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@ABC Distribution Priority:

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8. Key military and government personnel.
Get the idea?

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