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MotoGP 2020 selesai sudah seiring tuntasnya balapan di Portugal. Berikut klasemen akhir pebalap MotoGP 2020.

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Ready to go to #Shadowlands ! See you guys on Azeroth :D #worldofwarcraft

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@Blizzard_Ent Shadowlands is gorgeous so far. Amazing. Art team especially have smashed this one out of the park, and the sound design is *chef kiss* #Shadowlands

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eu chegando em Oribos #Shadowlands

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Ojalá estar jugando al world of warcraft #Shadowlands

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So we're using a Crystal Tower to travel and save our abducted friends in the Shadowbringers, err, I mean "Shadowlands"? Hmm... nice start. 👍 #FFXIV #WorldOfWarcraft #Shadowlands #SquareEnix

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#Shadowlands #spoilers thread MUTE THIS THREAD if you dont want spoilders

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