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 4 days ago

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@adrianjclarke and @NickBrightDJ take a look back at the key talking points from #LEEARS

The Breakdown Live 📺

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@_denisv_ @Arsenal @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ Let the door hit you on your way out!

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 4 days ago

@UTD_RA @Arsenal @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ .

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 4 days ago

@Arsenal @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ Least this wasn't pay per view

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 4 days ago

@Arsenal @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ We are so horrible 😭😭😭

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 4 days ago
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 4 days ago

@Arsenal @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ There is no PASSION, there is no VISION, there is no AGGRESSION, there is no FUCKING MINDSET in this football team. NOTHING is there. WHAT THE HELL IS IN THIS FOOTBALL TEAM? Tell me now. WHAT THE HELL IS IN THIS FOOTBALL TEAM

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 4 days ago
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 4 days ago

@Arsenal @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ That’s it I’m no longer an Arsenal fan! An absolutely disgraceful performance yet again! In all my years as a football fan of this team, I’ve never seen a group of players so lazy and pathetic. I’m becoming an Özil fan. He plays real football. Thank you & goodbye.

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 4 days ago

@Arsenal @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ Listen Arsenal may not thank me but get the contract out put it on the table, let him write whatever numbers he want's on there given what he's done since hes come in, let him sign the contract, Arteta’s at the Wheel, Arsenal are back

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