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 22 hours ago

President-elect Joe Biden's first Cabinet picks are expected Tuesday

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@TIME I’m ready to be Sec. of Ag!

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Jember - East Java - Indonesia

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 17 hours ago

@TIME He better pick based on skill after what we have been through. Not diversity but aptitude. It’s serious and should not be affirmative action in picking cabinet positions

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 19 hours ago

@TIME The media and tech President, dominion software, election still in dispute, Biden curve

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@TIME Will @MichelleObama & @HillaryClinton qualify in the new govt.

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 21 hours ago

@TIME Probably Ramen and Tuna

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@TIME Hoping for te USA civil war. No enemie is worst than an American to his own country

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 22 hours ago

@TIME "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get."

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 22 hours ago

@TIME Wasting his time

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Dear Joe Biden: If you are looking for a Secretary of Agriculture pick ... look no more ... I’M YOUR MAN! I’m a 4th gen family farmer, I know ag public policy and I’m pretty funny. PS: can I keep the beard? #JoeBiden #SecofAg #farmer RETWEET

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Happy #DoctorWhoDay, he’s still got it!

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Happy Doctor Who Day! #doctorwho #13thdoctor #cosplay #doctorwhoday Photo by Pense Productions.

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I wish i had the time to do something decent #DoctorWhoDay #fanart

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As long as I can spend all day every day watching #DoctorWho then I'm good!! #DoctorWhoDay (pre season 11 of course)

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Because it's #DoctorWhoDay, and I've been lazy-af lately. I'm recycling this piece. "Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up. Never give in."

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What day is it?

It's #DoctorWhoDay

57 years and counting...

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