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 22 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: The family of Quawan Charles, a Black teen found dead in a sugar cane field, is still seeking answers around the death of the 15-year-old.

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 14 hours ago

@ABC @SandyDarity "Trichell and Charles' family are also questioning why Baldwin police didn't ping his cellphone when he was first reported missing. Wise told KATC that the department does not have the technology to ping phones."

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 22 hours ago

@ABC You cant trust the authorities to help find your teen- track your child’s phone. Don’t abuse the tracking so your child doesn’t try to shut it off. If you pay for the phone and service- make it not an option to shut off the tracking.

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@ABC Really does make you wonder what happened to this kid. Sounds like he was left unconscious in that field that was like a marsh in some water and drowned. Someone beat him up and left him there. Hope the family and Quawan get justice.

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@ABC Be vigilant Afro Americans this is the time Malcolm X told us was going to come when we are tired and sick of the Caucasus Man. We must not stoop but Stand. We must not falter but fight. No War was won by violence but unrelenting Power. #BlackPower

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@ABC The media seems to try to shift the national focus whenever Targeted individuals start to gain publicity

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