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 5 days ago

Goalless at the break.

#LEEARS ⚪️ 0-0 🔵 (HT)

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 5 days ago

@Yurt1992 @Arsenal Willians been alright? Had a couple good runs, definitely better than he has been

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 5 days ago

@canters94 @Arsenal Defensively?
I think the midfield is asleep

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 5 days ago
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 5 days ago

@Arsenal To all ARSENAL fans, Goodbye. Ive had a long think about it and I have come to a conclusion that I don’t love this club anymore. I hate it. It’s just a tinpot farmer club that has no form of success. I’ve decided to support United, a big team. Time to finally win some trophies

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal Defensively, everyone’s asleep

Willian needs to know that he has defensive duties as well as attacking ones. He’s running around clueless and letting his man free on almost every Leeds attack.

Yet he’s selected to start once again!? Don’t know what Arteta sees in him honestly

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@Arsenal Score

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal That was woeful. How are we not losing? Three more years of Willian, kill me.

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal can we send ceballos back to real madrid at half time?

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@Arsenal 7 hours without a goal from open play now.

Joe Willock not passing and wasteful again, trying to DYI

Willian with yet another 5/10 performance after doing NOTHING to warrant a starting place and even took an unsanctioned trip to Dubai midweek during COVID, non negotiables huh?

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