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 22 hours ago

More than 1 million Americans are boarding planes despite warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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 22 hours ago

@ABC But I thought Kenneth Copeland blew Covid away months ago? 🤔🤔

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 22 hours ago
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 22 hours ago

@ABC We plan to stay home for sake of vulnerable family members. Sincerely wish those travelling well & to stay healthy. Won't criticize their choices & expect same in return.

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 22 hours ago

@ABC I guess their life or the life of their loved ones doesn't matter 😡

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@ABC gUyS iTs tRumPs fAUlt

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@highroads21 Profile picture John Moore


 22 hours ago

@ABC Thanksgiving Guilt from Boomer family members is Real.

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 22 hours ago

@ogilville1 @ABC And then spread the disease to everyone in their path. You think we who are trying to follow the guidelines aren’t tired of it as well? Well guess what it’s going to be a longer wait now.

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 22 hours ago

@ABC That’s because were in the United States not China. People can travel and go about there business to see family and loved ones.

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 22 hours ago

@ABC But ya know...let’s leave it up to people to do the right thing 😒

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@ogilville1 Profile picture Monty Green


 22 hours ago

@ABC They are tired of the BS and are going to spend Thanksgiving with their families.

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