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 5 days ago

🎙 @m8arteta discusses his selection...

And we've got @adrianjclarke and @NickBrightDJ on hand to analyse it in our virtual studio ahead of #LEEARS

The Breakdown: Live 📺

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 5 days ago

@goatatunde @Arsenal @m8arteta @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ Good bye.... Good riddance

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@Arsenal @m8arteta @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ non-negotiables seem pretty negotiable...

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @m8arteta @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ LIKE THIS IF AUBA IS NOT A NATURAL LW

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @m8arteta @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ That’s it I'm no longer an Arsenal fan! An absolutely disgraceful lineup yet AGAIN! In all my years as a football fan of this team I've never seen such awful players start for this club! I'm becoming a United fan! They play real football, have a better manager and win trophies!

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @m8arteta @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ Willian is playing ST

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 5 days ago

@Arsenal @m8arteta @adrianjclarke @NickBrightDJ PLAY AUBA ST

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Dave Filoni. Gracias por este capítulazo. Conexión con el canon TOTAL. #ThisIsTheWay #TheMandalorian

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Going to be giving the M&S Chicken Doughnuts a try tonight. Then gonna watch #TheMandalorian

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Mitología Jedi en #TheMandalorian es oro puro.

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Apuesto a que Anakin salvó a Grogu #TheMandalorian

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That's Yodito's "name"? Come on. Some things are just more fun when they're not said out loud. #TheMandalorian

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a disney tem a faca e o queijo pra serie da ahsoka espero q ela aproveite isso #TheMandalorian

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That might have been the best Mandalorian episode yet! It's gonna be up there when the show is over for sure!

Just give the franchise to Jon Favreu, Dave Filoni, and Taika Waititi. It would be in great hands.

And YES! Give Rosario Dawson a spin off as Ahsoka! #TheMandalorian

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